Ultima Ratio Cascading Clock

Module for the Eurorack System

New! Compusync 78 — Programmer and MIDI Clock Converter for Roland CR-78 Find it here!

Clock Divider, Clock Generator & Dual Envelope.

  • fire envelopes to rhythmically control filters or VCAs.
  • all purpose modulation source
  • provide and distribute a stable system clock
  • synchronize sequencers with independent time signatures
  • mult triggers


Checkout this nice review (german).

Build your own ULTIMA RATIO with this easy full kit.

The Ultima Ratio is available in a small batch as a DIY kit. A kit is not a working module, you have to build it on your own. But it's not that hard. Everything is explained in detail in the Build Instructions. If you ever considered to go DIY the ULTIMA RATIO is a strong contender for being your first project!

Order a kit DIY Build Instructions