The Gezeiten Compusync 78 is a custom interface which lets you synchronize your ROLAND CR-78 drum machine to MIDI clock from another drum machine or your Computer DAW like Ableton or Logic.

It also converts MIDI Start/Stop messages from MIDI to Gate signals which means it starts and stops the CR-78 automatically. When synced by a DAW the Compusync 78 will remember the last BPM so there are no weird drops when the playback is started again.

The Compusync 78 can also be used as a programmer for the sequencer of the CR-78. Originally users could buy the ROLAND WS-1 Write Switch that is not available anymore but the user interface was cumbersome anyway.

The Compusync 78 let’s you program your CR-78 by simply tapping the beats in real time into the sequencer. The unique feature is that it quantizes the beats to 16ths notes in dependency of the incoming MIDI clock, so whatever you tap in the machine will sound great… or at least in time

The Compusync 78 has a small button to tap in the beats but it is also possible to input the steps with MIDI on channel 10 with an attached MIDI controller like MPC pads or a keyboard.

It is also possible to play the currently selected sound on the CR-78 with an external sequencer and from there transfer the pattern to the CR-78s sequencer.

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